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Health Coach &  Personal Trainer
World Traveler

Juicing Master

Meredith is passionate about healthy living and fueling adventures with exciting, nourshing food & drinks.

Meredith Ganton


A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Bon Vivant

Brewing Boss

Danielle pairs her culinary curiosity with fresh, nutritious ingredients to electrify her active lifestyle.

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Danielle Fiskars- Byers

Did you know the Great Lakes offer over 5,000 miles of fresh coast shoreline? We've captured the essence of the fresh coast sun, sand and shore and put it in our kombucha. Bursting with crisp flavors and loaded with beneficial probiotics, Fresh Coast Kombucha promotes a healthy GI tract, crucial for immune support, energy, mood and much more!  


Our carefully crafted effervescent, probiotic tea is infused with cold-pressed juices to enhance the flavor so we never have to add more sugar during the second fermentation. We know that avoiding added sugars can be challenging but with Fresh Coast Kombucha, you never have to worry about that.


Fresh Coast Kombucha easily fits into your busy life making the healthy lifestyle you strive to attain a little bit easier.

Drink Different. Join the Cult(ure).

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